Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Peachy Pinks

I'm sure most of you shoe-lovers are familiar with the Pour la Victoire edie wedges....I completely regret not getting a pair of these babies when I had the chance.  Oh the sting of regret.  I love the peachy pink color!  Such a subtly flirty color :)  It's a nice little twist from the usual nudes.

Other variations of peachy pinks that I love come in cute little boxes: blush
A swipe of blush and mascara really goings a long way when portraying that understated sexy look.

My favorite oversized, open knit sweater.  I don't usually wear pink but this one was too cute to resist.  This was taken in the sunmmer when I went to visit family in Miami.  I went to get a true southern style breakfast complete with grits, eggs, texas toast, country fried steak, and the most amazing  country-style gravy. 

Went to Starbucks the other day for a soy latte and left with a free cake pop.  They are super cute but way to sweet for me.

Tulips, my favorite :)

I find it so funny that I have many things and enjoy many things that are pink when my favorite color is actually yellow.  Bet you never would have guessed from this post ;)

Have a great weekend, World!


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