Thursday, May 17, 2012

bits and pieces

Hi pretty world :)

I overslept this morning so it was go-go-go from the second I woke up.
  And because I wore one of my favorite shoes and blouse, I couldn't resist snapping a few photos before I ran out the door.
These heels are surprisingly pretty comfortable, although I do have to break in the width a bit since I have wide feet. damn.  
The weather was really nice today in the city: sunny and breezy under the shade :)  although I wouldn't mind if it was about 10 degrees cooler.
I have an enormous exam in roughly a month and so the next few weeks are going to be a true test of stamina :)  Godspeed, people :)

Hope your week has been going smoothly thus far!  Tomorrow's Friday!

Ready to run to the train station in these babies ;)
When I was in grad school, I had to wake up at 6AM to make it to work by 9 Am in the Bronx, so I've mastered the art of 5 minute showers for those days when sleep gets the best of me ;)
Today was one of those days.
This sheer striped blouse is one of my favorite summer staples!  Can't wait to wear it with some levi cut offs and my floppy fedora hat to go bike riding along waters :)
This blouse is also sleeveless but I wore a thin cardigan over it since it gets cool once inside buildings.

Mini Uno cards!
Please excuse the ridiculously messy apartment

The other night, my boyfriend and I indulged in some late night cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth :)
We got snickerdoodle and reese's peanut butter cups cookies

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  1. Nice work! Usually when I sleep in my go-to is grubby comfy clothes. You look great! And those cookies look so delicious.
    Love your blog! Just followed you on GFC and Bloglovin to keep up.
    xx, micol

  2. Seriously love those black/tan shoes!


  3. great shoes!

  4. great shoes!!

  5. Where did you get those heels from? I love the contrasting toe points! (No idea what to call them, but you get what I mean!)

    ▲ ▼ ▲
    valour & lace

  6. wow im seriously impressed with the things you can get done running late! when i run late to get up i am completely useless hahah except now i work from home so i don't know how i will enter the real world again once it happens! love the shoes and those cookies are making my sweet tooth act up!


  7. I love the bag, so adorable. And the sandals are just perfect! Kisses


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