Friday, May 25, 2012

sci-fri series

Hi Pretty World :)

I decided to start the science-friday series :)  
So cheesy, I know, I know (ha!) but don't you love it? 
 I'm such a sucker for super cheesy jokes and wordplay.
I know science might not be a popular topic within the fashion-lifestyle-pretty things blogosphere, but it's one of my favorite subjects and I think health is applicable to all of us, especially you fashionistas out there, no?  I mean, who doesn't want healthy, beautiful skin?
Mother Nature finally graced NYC with sunshine!  So what better way to welcome this science series than to talk about skincare.  Summer is here so I hope everyone is stocking up on sunscreen and protecting your beautiful skins :)  
I will admit that I tend to slack in the sunscreen department for my arms and legs but I never leave the house without at least spf 30 on my face/neck, even in the winter time.  Now that the sun is more prevalent, I tend to use spf 60 during summer.  
My makeup and lotion products contain spf in them, and it's one of the easiest ways to ensure that your protect your skin everyday. 
 I  was born and raised in Miami, where it can exceed 100 degrees in the summer and the sun down there is ridiculously strong, so I developed an appreciation for skincare quite early.  I'm definitely the one hiding under sun-brellas at the beach and lathering on sunscreen every 30 minutes.  

I would be joining this lady under the shade for sure :)
I'm not a fan of tanning since it can really damage your skin so if you do tan, at least lather on the sunscreen.  I know in Miami, even with all the sunscreen I put on, I still manage to get that glow.  I know we all need our sunny Vitamin D but it only takes about 10-30 minutes to stock up on the amount we need.  Ps. How pretty is this sombrilla?!

I use Korean BB cream instead of foundation and it has spf 25.  If you are interested, skin79 products are really popular lately and provides medium-ish coverage.
Koreans are beyond obsessed with their skin so naturally, their skincare products are loaded with a whole bunch and vitamins and minerals and spf and all that good stuff, which is great because I'm sure none of us want premature wrinkles or discoloration, right?

What do you do to protect your skin?

These are my current BB creams, the pink and orange ones are from Skin79.  The pink has spf 25 and the orange has spf 50.  The one in the middle is from Enprani.  The orange bb cream is very light so if you are medium to darker skin, I would suggest mixing it with your foundation to even out the color a bit.

I celebrated this sunny day with an iced coffee with soy :)  I also squeezed in some people watching....NYC has the most intriguing people, very entertaining.
Do you have any fun weekend/Memorial Day plans?  

Have a good one!  XOXOX



  1. That sombrilla is an amazing idea! I love to sit out by the beach/sea, but I actually hate sitting directly under the sun, lol.

    Where do you go to see all these intriguing people? The week I spent in NYC was a lot more boring than I thought! Didn't manage to meet anyone interesting at all ):

    I gave BB creams a try, but they're so oily on my skin, yikes! And I find that they tend to make my face look really grey/ashen for some reason...


  2. I love soy in my coffee, too =D

    I don't have anything exciting planned but maybe I'll should look into that bb cream that everyone is just raving about. hm...


  3. You look so cute in that lime green top!

  4. i just bought the skin 79 bb cream! i have used it a little but i'm not quite sure how i feel about it yet....


  5. I havent tried these products ..i normally use Apivita or Avene!!


  6. I've never tried soy in my coffee! Definitely will be trying that one


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