Monday, April 30, 2012

Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste

Hi Pretties :)
How was your Monday?  I feel very sluggish today....I definitely did not sleep well.  
I called it an early day and came home early to cook dinner.  Cooking dinner is a rare treat on the weekdays and is usually reserved as weekend treats when I have more free time, so it was a nice little change to cook in today.

This was a quick snap before heading out the door for a mini date with the boyfriend.
I basically live in my chambray shirts....absolutely obsessed.

I wore my Plush fleece lined tights since the weather is still a bit chilly at night.  

I've been playing Adele on repeat.  She is the most amazingly talented artist, I wish I had a voice like her ;)


Simply Perfect

Happy Sunday (technically Monday) World :)

Hope your weekend was eventful and relaxing and full of amazing food and love ones. 
The weather was so beautiful in New York today :)
I am officially a New Yorker! :)  I got my NYS license in the mail this week!  I'm a bit bummed about forfeiting my Florida license, which has served me well since I was 16, but let's  be real.....I haven't lived in Florida since high school and the city is my home now. So bittersweet.

But on a sweeter note,  today's beautiful weather had me dancing around to ridiculously loud music in my levi cut offs and singing my lungs out in the morning....I'm pretty sure my neighbors must hate me sometimes. heh. Today was a perfect Sunday filled with delicious home cooked meals for brunch, singing/dancing sesh with the bf, a little work, church, and dinner at home with the bf and best friend while indulging in Celebrity Rehab and playing Chinese poker.  How was your Sunday?

These babies are one of my oldest pairs :)  I had to get them tailored because the waist was way too big.

One of my favorite necklaces.  I love simple pieces sometimes :)

I found these babies at the Brooklyn Flea :)  I love the gold lining of the shades

Manhattan <3  After over two years of living in the city, it is now officially my home.

Brooklyn Bridge

Have a great week my lovelies!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

summa summa time

Happy Weekend!~

NYC has been gracing us with chilly weather once again.  I've been locked up inside slaving away at my desk for the most part so I don't feel like I'm missing out much ;)
I can't wait to stroll along Central Park and snack on a giant cookie from Levain Bakery once the weather gets nicer :)
I definitely have a love-hate relationship with summer in the city....Seeing the sun is a refreshing change and I love being able to wear sunglasses again, but the hot humidity in a very fast paced, walking city is a no-no.  I hope I can visit home & family soon in Miami....I do miss pool days :)

I love this colorful bikini :) Especially with all the layered necklaces!  I have a smiliar bar necklace that I adore :)

I love these cute head wraps!  I would love these on lazy, messy hair days with cut off Levis and a crisp, white top

What a feminine and flirty outfit :)  I am in love with the blush pink, oversized clutch

what a great DIY project :)

obsessed with the sliver of gold

Another favorite combo :) What an adorable shade of pink.


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Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Lips

Hi World :)

My favorite cosmetic lifesaver is definitely a good chapstick or lip balm.  I've been obsessed with the cute egg shaped EOS balms for the past few years but my new found love is definitely Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry flavor, which unfortunately, is only sold abroad in Asia.  My parents were in Korea this past month so I asked them to bring me back a few of these, and I asked my friend in Korea to ship some more know, you can never had enough chapstick ;)

The Berry flavor smells so delicious!

I tried the American version of baby lips and they are nice, but not a favorite of mine.
These overseas beauties are silky smooth and really softens your lips :)  The added spf is also always a plus, especially now that summer is approaching.
I also have one in cherry and mango, but I'm a sucker for the berry flavor :)

What's your favorite lip balm?


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Light snacking

Hi Lovelies~ 
Isn't this spoon so adorable?  That's my expression exactly after some good grub :)
The weather in New York has been chilly lately and I have to admit, I love it!  I think fall clothes are definitely the prettiest and most versatile so I really love dressing for chilly 40 degree weather.  For some strange reason, I think food also tastes much better in cold weather, especially ice cream!

I bought a batch of strawberries the other day and they tasted like mouthfuls of sugar.  I have to go out and get some more!  Have you ever tried slices of strawberry in milk (or soymilk)?  It's such a nice little snack or dessert. I love this combo on days that I want a light snack and yogurt and oatmeal seems a bit much.  

I absolutely LOVE this giant ice cube.  It makes drinks more fun to look at and the best part is that it takes forever for the cube to melt so your drink stays cold the entire time :)  

I'm addicted to these chocolate twist breads from Paris Baguette, a Korean bakery.  It's basically a Korean version of chocolate croissants.  Carbs and chocolate can never go wrong.


Monday, April 23, 2012

brain exercises

Hi Beautiful World,

I spent 13 hours in the library on Saturday and it was definitely a productive session.  Sometime I am amazed that I can concentrate for so long.....I guess when your superduper stressed/anxious from the sheer volume of things that needs to get done, you either become debilitated to stillness and don't know where to start OR you just get your shit done.  :)  However, the downside to sitting for so long is definitely the development of Spongebob Squarepants ass.  I definitely did some derriere exercises to undo some booty flattening ;)
I bought a venti coffee and split it with my friend, since that much coffee would probably kill me, hah.

This was my outfit from the earlier post.  I absolutely LOVE sheer, chiffon tops :)

On Sunday, I went for a little snack after church.  I indulged in some toast with coconut butter with almond slivers :)

Toast paired with some Milk tea bubble tea :)  The best place for this combo is by far Saints Alp in St, Marks.  SO delicious.
Keeping in theme with this blog post title, check out my iPhone case :)  I wish it was a functioning calculator, that would be amazing!

Have a great week my pretties :)


Friday, April 20, 2012


Hi Pretty World!

Now that hot weather months are slowly creeping up, I've been gathering pretty, bright, sheer, blouses in preparation for NYC heat. This neon yellow one is one of my favorites :)

I went to CaffeBene the other day near Time Square (which is an area I try to avoid like the plague) since I was craving their misugaru frappe.  Misugaru powder is a traditional staple for making "smoothies" in Korea.  It's roasted rice powder with a whole bunch of grains and nuts and other goodies that are actually really good for you.  Of course, the misugaru frappe from the cafe was loaded with more sugar than I care to admit but it's still a nice taste of the motherland every once in a while ;)  The cafe has a really nice interior decor and is actually pretty spacious for its location.  I'm glad there is a Korean cafe in midtown, so I don't have to travel all the way to Korea-town.

What are your weekend plans?  I plan on living in the library this weekend since finals are coming up.  And I heard it was going to thunderstorm in the city this weekend, so I don't feel as bad locking myself away inside of the library ;)
Misugaru Frappe paired with waffle & strawberries


Love the hanging lights.

There is a library room semi-hidden in the back that has a bunch of shelves with books that you can read while enjoying your drink.  The ladder always reminds me of Beauty and the Beast :)

one of my favorite necklaces.  So simple and pretty

Have a beautiful weekend!~


Monday, April 16, 2012

Pio Pio

Hi World :)

Doesn't that cupcake look amazing?  I love the fruity center.  Wouldn't mind trying to bake this on the weekend. 
This past weekend, the boyfriend and I went to one of our favorite restaurants called PioPio and they have the best rotisserie chicken ever...superrr moist and juicy and just falls-off-the-bone kind of good :)  They are probably best known for their green crack sauce.  I die.  I could sprinkle the green sauce on anything and everything.  It's a Peruvian restaurant, although the food seems pretty general to me.  Plus, when I think authentic Peruvian food, I think of guinea pig, which I was too chicken (HA!) to try when I went to visit last summer :)

Anyways, here are some eye candy :)

That green pot of crack in the corner is where it's at ;)

I really enjoy their salad--simple and delicious.  The beautiful slices of avocado are a nice plus as well. 

We were craving something sweet later that night and feeling a bit lazy, so we had cookies delivered!  Peanut butter cups is my favorite :) 

Hope your Monday went well!~  Have a great week!!



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

yellow is the name of the game

How insane is this neon dress? Talk about a statement piece :)  I love the pairing of the neon yellow with the cobalt blue bag that is nicely balanced with a hint of black and nude.  It's all about balancing ;)

In keeping with the semi-neon theme, I took my bright yellow sunshine pants out for a wear this weekend, on a particularly rainy day.  I usually feel the most comfortable in blacks, greys, and neutrals but I'm slowly finding the fun in embodying more vibrant colors in my clothes and shoes.  Here are some color inspirations.

This is one of my favorite outfit inspirations :)  I love the muted simplicity of denim with a nice neutral coat and heels paired with a pop of color. 

I always love the detail in layering, the peeking collar kills it every time.

Another favorite combo of mine :) Anything paired with a chambray shirt is a plus in my book.  I wear mine to death, I need to start finding a replacement one soon.
What color do you love to rock?

Have a great one, World.


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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dinner at Danji

Last week I went to dinner at Danji in midtown for my boyfriend's birthday dinner.  His sister took us out :)  Danji is a Korean fusion tapas place and I mentioned in a previous post that their bulgogi sliders are to die for..... I want to go back and just order two of these and eat it all by shame. 

I was "curling" my hair by leaving it in a bun for a few hours :)

A nice and cozy ambiance :) Very tiny spot, only seats around twenty-something hungry people

The menus are in this secret little pull out drawer in front of you.  Cute idea.

Traditional menu on one side and the fusion menu on the other

There was a "wall" of wooden spoons.  I acutally really loved this little fusion detail  and I was tempted to take some wooden spoons for my home collection. HA
Soju Sangria

We tried about 7 different dishes but these bulgogi sliders were by far the best.  The galbi jjim (braised short ribs) was also equally delicious.  Both these dishes were melt in your mouth- good.  Seriously, if you are ever in NYC, go and try it!  You won't regret it. 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

I am most definitely addicted to pintrest and spend way too much time on that site.

How UNBELIEVABLE does this place look?  What a unique experience to watch a movie, floating on water.....

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Have a great week, World