Sunday, April 7, 2013

Take the Pledge, Make shit happen

Hello Again!

Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend! 
A friend of mine is leaving for the army next week so we held a going away party for him last night.  
During my absence from the blog, I went to Iceland with one of my best friends and it was an amazingly adventurous and relaxing vacation :)
I still have to upload photos from my Korea trip (and Iceland as well), so I will get to that soon! I'll be *temporarily* leaving Manhattan soon to start med school so I've been spending all my time going on dates with my boyfriend, eating at favorite spots with my girlfriends, and really just soaking up every detail that I love about Lady Manhattan.
I wanted to post some career/life motivation so I took the GFDA Pledge (Good effing design advice pledge).  You can take the pledge yourself here if you'd like :)
What would you write in the blank, I would love to know!

ps. I did a mini interview on my best friend's blog if you want to check it out here!
      And definitely take a look at her blog, which she started with her college's all 
      about discovering and navigating through our 20's :)  20's inc

pps. I've been more active on Instagram lately, mainly due to convenience, so stop by and 
        say hi! My username is leeyeasol



  1. Love the photo quote, I need to take it to heart.

    Oh wow, Iceland? That sounds like so much fun. I wish your friend luck in the Army. xx

  2. Man, I am so itching to travel now! The weather is getting warm~ I wanna jet off to somewhere exotic and just relax


  3. nice post! i want to travel too!
    I'm following you now on GFC and Bloglovin, hope you follow me back.:)

  4. Love your attitude, girly! Keeping shining!!!

    I can't seem to include aaany more social media stuffs :(

  5. love that pledge!


  6. I love that pledge. And I really like your attitude. I'm excited for your picture from Korea and Iceland. And have a great time before leaving for medschool.

  7. So lucky to have been to Iceland!


  8. ...I seriously freaking love that pledge. I get the feel of camaraderie and excellence from it.

    7% Solution​


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